WiFi Installation

WiFi Planning

Telephone Engineer Kings Lynn can design and plan a WiFi strategy for your homes and business location, taking into account the areas needed for coverage, throughput in larger organisations and coverage for situations such as caravan parks as well as larger homes and hotels and schools


WiFi Business Strategy

WiFi is now an essential part of every business communications strategy, its deployment can increase production, communications and flexibility, its has been proven and documented that by utilising WiFi properly employees can be considerably more productive by maintaining a link to your business network anywhere in the company building, Telephone Engineer Norwich use proven, reliable components to assist your company or organisation make the most of the latest technology, taking into account the areas to be covered and the number of users, why not have a separate Guest log in for your WiFi.

Smart Buildings

Smart building technology is a growing area of interest as is “The Internet Of Things” the growth of digital monitoring and control of pretty much anything you can think of needs a connection, this can be either via cable or WiFi.

Smart Buildings is not a load of smart talking, its smart technology helping you to think smart and take control.