Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Solutions

Ubiquiti Accredited installers

Aline Telecomms are accredited installers of all Ubiquiti networking products. We supply and install various different Wi-Fi options, for businesses and residential customers. No problem is to difficult for us.

Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti offer a wide range of wireless access points for all needs and purposes.

A wireless access point is a device which broadcasts the internet wirelessly throughout your home or business. It allows you to connect wirelessly to the device with your phones, Tablets and laptops etc. to access the internet.

Wireless access points may be used to provide network connectivity to office environments, train stations , Airports , Coffee Shops , Hotels , or even your own home if your router’s Wi-Fi doesn’t reach certain points in your house, then a wireless access point may be the way forward.

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A Nanobeam is a device which can allow the user to wirelessly beam the internet from one building to another, creating a wireless bridge.

Need to get your Wi-Fi network from one building to another without a ugly drooping cable between the two?

Aline Telecomms have the perfect solution for you we can beam the internet wirelessly using a Nanobeam from Ubiquiti.

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