SimRush 4G Solution

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SimRush is a broadband solution for business and rural households, where there isn’t a possibility of getting any superfast broadband. SimRush technology uses a very powerful antenna to pick up a signal from the local EE 4g mobile towers. Which is then used to provide superfast broadband for your home or business.


SimRush will work in almost 100 % of circumstances even when you can get a signal with your mobile phone. The technology is capable of delivering speeds of anything from 20mbs to 90mbs. Installation is very easy and once the 4g signal is discovered hardware installation will only take a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately SimRush is not available on the BDUK Scheme however SimRush can produce some fantastic results even when you can’t find internet via Satellite or a generic 4G LTE system.

SimRush 4G Installation

SimRush uses a powerful antenna that need to be placed on the outside of your building, from there an Ethernet cable is required anything up to 45m, which runs from the external antenna to the supplied access point inside your house.

SimRush Hardware
  • External Antenna
  • Internal Access Point
  • 45m Ethernet Cable
  • EE Sim Card with chosen Data package

All the hardware is supplied with your purchase also our full trained engineers will come out and install the SimRush system.

SimRush offer various data packages at very reasonable prices anything from the basic data package which is 25GB a month to the super heavyweight package which is 240GB a month.

Any queries please feel free to contact us on 01603672626