Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop systems Kings Lynn

Telephone engineers Kings Lynn are approved installers of Signet (AC) Ltd range of induction loop systems.

Induction loop systems, hearing loop systems or AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems) are used to assist the hearing impaired by transmitting sound from a sound system, microphone, television or other source, directly to a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil or ‘T’ position.

Induction loop systems Norwich

It is a legal requirement for organisations to have in place arrangements for the hearing impaired under the Disability Discrimination Act.

This means any public organisation, shops, hotels, church’s, village halls, exhibitions, museums and a whole range of other businesses must comply.

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Induction loop systems Norwich have approved installer accredited status to design, install and commission a range of induction loop systems for domestic use, care homes, church’s and halls, large and small.

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Induction loop systems Kings Lynn

Induction loop systems,( AFILS ) Kings Lynn have provided their professional services with induction loop systems for Gt Ormond St Hospital, Holiday Inn Express as well as dozens of village halls in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Numerous medical centres and dentists have also used Induction loop systems Norwich Engineers to ensure compliance to the DDA.

Induction loop systems Kings Lynn have also got “The Forum” Norwich on its list of induction loop system customers.

What are induction loops

Hearing (induction) loops help people with hearing loss to hear sounds more clearly
by reducing the effect of background noise by using the ‘T’ switch on their hearing aids.
For example, in a shop, or bank AFILS help people hear staff more clearly. In the theatre, loops can help people hear performances more clearly.
A hearing loop is a piece of equipment that allows a hearing aid wearer to hear more clearly
When a staff member speaks into that microphone, sound is transmitted as a magnetic field which can be picked up by hearing aids when set to the ‘T’ setting or hearing loop program.

This applies to different types of hearing aids, including digital.

Portable loop

A portable hearing loop provides limited coverage and is designed for one to one conversation for people with hearing aids

Room loop
This is designed to provide hearing loop facilities over a much wider area, for
example large meeting rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls, places of worship, and
entertainment venues.
Counter loop
This is specifically designed to provide hearing loop facilities at retail premises including
shops, bank and post office counters, and also transport and entertainment ticket-booking offices