Data Cabling

Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn have been in the data cabling industry for over 40 years, both as installers and also as technical training instructors, teaching other engineers how to install data cable to the highest standards for City & Guilds and BTech qualifications.

Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn currently hold the following certifications for data cable and security clearances;

Data Cabling Certifications
  • CNCI (Certified Network Cabling Installer)
  • CDCTP (Certified Data Centre Technician Professional)
  • CDCDP (Certified Data Centre Design Professional)
  • CTPM (Certified Telecommunications Project Manager)
  • EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency
  • Security Clearances

    Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Clearance

    Disclosure Scotland Clearance

    Nuclear Constabulary Clearance

    Certification and security clearance ensures our customers and gives them the total confidence that Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn will offer top quality data cabling installations from small local area networks for home or small businesses as well as 10,40 and 100 Gb backbone systems in Data Centres.

    Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn can design and plan your data cabling and networking needs, install the data cabling, terminate and test to International ISO11801 standards, EN50173 and TIA 568 standards in Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A.

    Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn will advise you on which type of data cabling best suits your needs, CAT5e is more than suitable for most office environments, capable of supporting 1Gb of data, Cat6 will future proof your office for growth into the 10Gb use as well as supporting new technologies using your data cabling requiring POE or power over Ethernet, such as WiFi and CCTV. For very high bandwidth in your data centre CAT6A or Fibre Optic cable is required.

    Telephone Engineers Kings Lynn can design and specify your fibre optic cabling requirements in multimode and single mode fibre, terminating or splicing the fibre for both business needs and domestic use, to support CCTV, LAN and WiFi as well as emerging technologies such as Smart Buildings, The Internet of Things , Smart Homes.